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International Law

UK’s New Crime and Policing Bill: Reforming Protest Amid Fear, Frustration and Mourning

March 27, 2021 Cameron Page 0

Introduction: Just days after Sarah Everard’s body was discovered in the South East county of Kent, and as peaceful demonstrators in mourning endured disturbing heavy-handedness by the London Metropolitan Police, a new crime and policing bill – which threatens to “seriously curb the ability of citizens to protest” – overcame a key hurdle in the UK House of Commons. The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 is an accumulation of proposed legislation which aims to reform the criminal justice system, crush the UK’s record of public dissidence, and support offender rehabilitation, among other things. Critically, though, proposed amendments to both the Public Order Act 1986 and the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 would limit citizens’ rights to protest and grant police officers greater power to intervene by force. As Everard’s death at the hands of a London Metropolitan Police officer has heated discourse about the dangers, abuse […]

International Law

Jack Ma, Alibaba, and the Anti-Monopoly Probe: Taming China’s Burgeoning Tech Industry

January 28, 2021 Cameron Page 0

Introduction As a billionaire, philanthropist, and business magnate, Jack Ma is perhaps China’s most renowned post-Reform success story. In 2014, Ma’s Alibaba IPO set records as the world’s largest public stock offering, raising $25 billion in its New York release. Moreover, October 2020 saw the flamboyant billionaire come surprisingly close to pulling off a mind-boggling $35 billion dual-listed IPO in Shanghai and Hong Kong for his fintech juggernaut, Ant Group. Yet, Ma’s colossal Ant Group IPO was halted indefinitely by Chinese authorities in a move that is “clearly an escalation of coordinated efforts to reign in Jack Ma’s empire.” At the same time, Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA) stocks continue to face fierce volatility amid momentous antitrust allegations. When more stringent antitrust regulations were imposed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google in recent months and years, they evoked a mere shrug-of-the-shoulder from investors. Yet, the announcement of a probe into Ma’s Alibaba empire […]

Case Law

United States v. Robert Boling, Jr. et al – Assessing Federal Action To Address Elder Fraud

October 20, 2020 Cameron Page 0

Facts of the Case United States of America v. Robert Boling Jr., et al. details the indictment of five individuals for the perpetration of a multifaceted identity-theft and fraud scheme targeting thousands of United States veterans and service members between July 2014 and July 2019. Frederick Brown–a former U.S. Army civilian medical records administrator–exploited his post by illegally providing Robert Boling, Jr. with personal identification information (PII) belonging to thousands of U.S. military-affiliated individuals, including active service members and their dependents, employees of the Department of Defense and, predominantly, veterans. Boling then co-conspired with Allan Kerr and Jongmin Seok, utilizing the stolen PII data to access and steal from victims’ bank accounts, disability funds, and veteran benefit pay-outs via the Department of Defense benefits portal. Thereafter, Trorice Crawford recruited upward of thirty individuals as “money mules” to launder the stolen funds. Crawford then facilitated the remittance of these funds to […]